On a personal note...

Polymer clay fever struck hard in 1993 when a friend came to show and tell her treasure tray of beads. After a life long love of "making things" this was serious.

Surrounded by women passionate for creating, it was inescapable. Nanny handed me a hook at 5 years old and showed me how to crochet. Mom taught me to sew on her beautiful Singer when I was 8.

As for the business end, the experience and knowledge gained at my corporate job as a buyer provided a base for everything I needed to know to get things started and keep it going strong. Thank you to my bosses who were willing to take a chance on a young kid who had never gone to college. Buying for 400 stores coast to coast was the best education!

My first show opened a new universe of possibilities and I jumped in. The decision to make this bead making lifestyle full time allowed me to stay home with my kids. (baby girl 9 months and a smiling boy of 3 years) Lucky lucky me!

Exhibiting at about twenty arts & crafts festivals each year, doing a seasonal kiosk at my local mall and designing custom jewelry for weddings has kept me quite busy for 20 years and hopefully many more to come. I have met so many interesting and lovely folks on this gypsy trail and I am thankful.

I take pride in my work (each and every bead) and stand behind it.

Enjoy and thank you for shopping!
Original Jewelry Designs
Created with Handcrafted Clay Beads & Metals